Group wants Milwaukee Public Schools superintendent fired

June 9, 2022

There are calls for the superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools to be fired.

A group of demonstrators protested Tuesday, June 7, 2022, outside MPS headquarters. They want Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley fired. They also want a number of board members replaced.

The group, Community Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools, said this all started in January 2021 when the school board was presented with information that fraud had occurred within the district.

At that time, they also said the board was notified of some of the discriminatory, racist and retaliatory practices that go on in the district.

This group said the board took no action and instead approved a raise for the superintendent a few months later.

WISN 12 News’ Gerron Jordan spoke with a current MPS employee who calls herself a whistleblower, who said she was retaliated against for speaking out.

“I worked to get information, to provide information so that we could resolve things by exhausting all internal avenues; but what happened was when they went to present it to the board, they were very shocked to find that the board, who didn’t realize external agencies who were fish-bowling the entire experience, chose to do a coverup instead,” said Debbie Kuether, MPS manager of literacy.

“There are many cases in the courts right now because of this, and we feel they need to be accountable to this issue,” said Beverly Hamilton Williams, of Community Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Jordan reached out to MPS Tuesday, June 7, for any response to these calls but has not gotten a response so far.

There is a special board meeting happening on Tuesday, June 7, at 6:30 p.m. The first item on the agenda is “update and possible action” on the performance of the superintendent and the board clerk.