Christian Fellowship Church seeks to develop growing youth through Youth Empowerment Program

June 19, 2015


Pastor Mary J. Lewis-Jiles of Christian Fellowship Community Church, 2176 N. 39th Street, on Tuesday evening, June 16, 2015, hosted a community meeting to develop strategies for the creation of a Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) at Christian Fellowship to aid youth as they develop into young adults. Ald. Russell W. Stamper, II, who represents the area, made a presentation directed towards several youth in the audience. Ald. Stamper is pictured here interacting with Chyna Jiles-Glenn who made suggestions regarding a YEP program. Pastor Jiles’ objectives were to receive input from residents of the area on ways to assist “youth in reaching positive goals through educational skills, creativity and community involvement.” A component of Pastor Jiles’ mission is reaching out to businesses, mentors, volunteers and retired school teachers and other community organizations to assist with this project in helping youth become entrepreneurs and productive citizens of this community.