Educational Philosophy: An Opinion Article

April 29, 2021

Lynda Jackson Conyers, Publisher, a mother of two college graduates

It is my belief that the only means of educating a nation is through a systematic process that will allow all children to be given an opportunity to become productive citizens. That process is “public education.”

Public education is the driving force behind the development of a successful nation. When we are truly populated with a nation of educated or skilled workers, the chances of this country maintaining its rank as a world leader is increased. It is my opinion that we are as strong as our weakest unit.

To ensure that this goal is achievable, education has to be designed in a fashion where all children are provided instructions that will embrace the following concepts:

1. Children should be evaluated to determine their functional levels and academic needs.

2. A process should be developed to ensure that individual students are taken from their present level of functioning to a level of proficiency or advancement.

3. Teachers should be equipped with the skills and techniques necessary to share knowledge through a variety of modes.

4. Educational environments should be lead by strong innovative administrators that have the overall insight to create safe and successful schools.

Education is the process that is key to a successful and productive future. It is also a process that must be continuously evaluated and modified to meet the changing needs of our society.