Protest planned during sentencing of former MPD officer convicted of sexual assault

March 24, 2017

MILWAUKEE — Marcell Daniels — a retired Milwaukee police officer convicted of sexual assault faces sentencing on Friday, March 24th — and his estranged in-laws have a planned protest outside the courthouse.

Marcell Daniels

He spent 25 years with the Milwaukee Police Department, and soon Daniels will learn how many of the coming years will be spent behind bars. It’s what his estranged wife’s family is hoping for.

“I’ve never used the term, ‘been disgusted,’ by anyone until now and I’m absolutely repulsed by this,” said Ryan Dewerth, planning protest.

Dewerth says his sister is married to Daniels. The former police officer is convicted of second degree sexual assault for crimes dating back to 2004. Prosecutors say he had sex and took explicit photos of multiple teenage girls at his home when he was on duty as an officer. His now estranged wife discovered the pictures.

Marcell Daniels

Dewerth says his sister has filed a restraining order against Daniels. He wants police officers held to high standards. It’s a message he’ll be sending outside the courthouse Friday.

“I think police should be held more accountable than the average citizen. They are well versed in the law and they swear an oath to protect and uphold the law,” said Dewerth.

Daniels sentencing has been pushed back several times. His estranged wife’s family is hoping closure will come with the sentencing.