The blessing of patiently waiting on God (Week 4)

August 20, 2015

This month this writer has been concentrating on the discipline of patiently waiting on God and resting in the presence of God. Resting is not idleness. When you relax in God’s company as you wait for God to answer your prayers, you are showing how much you trust God. This week, let’s explore how waiting forces a believer to look to God. When the assured believer patiently waits on God, they are forced to fix their eyes on God. The writer of Hebrews notes: “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” – Hebrews 12:2 (KJV) Waiting patiently on God forces us to cast our attention and our eyes on God and off the trouble, circumstance or situation. Looking to Jesus reminds the believer of the assurance we have in Jesus the Christ. As the believer looks to the Christ, they are looking with spiritual sight – with the eye of understanding and faith.waiting

God’s people should always be looking to Jesus, our Savior and Lord. A believer’s heart is filled with joy as they fix their eyes on the Savior who endured the shame and has now taken His place on the right hand of the Father in heaven to give repentance and offer forgiveness of our sins. A devotion in “Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace In His Presence” includes this beautiful devotion which this writer would like to share with you: Rest with me awhile… The way ahead is shrouded in uncertainty.

Look neither behind you nor before you. Instead, focus your attention on Me, your constant Companion. Trust that I will equip you fully for whatever awaits you on your journey. I designed time to be a protection for you. You couldn’t bear to see all your life at once. Though I am unlimited by time, it is in the present moment that I meet you. Refresh yourself in My Company, breathing deep draughts of My Presence. The highest level of trust is to enjoy Me moment by moment. I am with you, watching over you wherever you go. (June 27, p. 186). Beloved, it is this writer’s prayer that as you wait on God, allow this article to remind you of the blessing of waiting patiently and be encouraged as you continue to wait. Next Week: Conclusion – How waiting strengthens The writer does not assume responsibility in any way for readers’ efforts to apply or utilize information or recommendations made in these articles, as they may not be necessarily appropriate for every situation to which they may refer. If you would like to contact Rev. Lester, write to her c/o P.O. Box 121, Brookfield, WI. 53008.