Mothers – A special gift from God (Week One)

May 3, 2018

The Counseling Corner

By Rev. Judith T. Lester, B.Min. M.Th

“Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother”
– (John 19:25a)

Last month believers were reminded how Jesus hung impaled on the Cross with life slowly oozing out of His body, and how His mother stood nearby watching. To different people in the Gospel account of the Crucifixion, it meant different things. To Pilate it was the place where an innocent man died. The Pharisees and Sadducees, on the other hand, saw the Cross as the way to get rid of a problem and their position and authority were no longer threatened. To the disciples of Jesus, the Crucifixion meant their Messiah and friend had died. The dream of being freed from Roman authority also died.

To the mother of Jesus, the Cross had a different meaning. To her, the Cross represented a shameful crime. It also meant the fulfillment of prophecy. Perhaps there at the Cross, she recalled the words of the angel Gabriel when he said to her, “[You] will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” (Matt. 1:21.) On the other hand, maybe she was recalling the words of Simeon when he met Jesus at the temple during Jesus’ presentation. (Lk. 2:29-33.) Whatever the case, we cannot have a good understanding of Good Friday without a good understanding of the mystery of what Motherhood is.

Motherhood goes beyond physical labor pains and carrying a baby for nine months. A mother’s role is much greater. There are those who serve not as a birth mother but provide the care and nurturing of a mother. Then, there are those who have given of themselves through the adoption process to serve as a mother for the motherless. Mary, the mother of Jesus, gives us a picture of Motherhood that serves us well. She is no longer the late adolescent who gave birth in a manger filled with hay. She is now 33-1/2 years removed from that scenario on the day of her son’s public execution. The crowd has determined that her son should face the humiliation of execution by the Roman Cross. Nevertheless, Mary was there. She knew the innocence of her son. She knew there was nothing in Him deserving of such cruelty. Never had there been sin of any kind in His thoughts, words, or deeds or deceit in His heart. This is a testimony and a confirmation that a mother loves her children all the time. As one mother told me recently, a mother may not approve of a lifestyle, or decision that her child makes, but if she’s a genuine mother, she loves at all times.

On a personal note, my mother passed away when I was a teen. I thank God for the time I was able to share with her. Of course, I did not realize how much she taught me in those short years until I became an adult and began raising my own children. I cherish the memories and fondly recall the lessons of life my mother instilled. After my mother’s sudden death, my aunt, Doris G. Madison, stepped in and became like a mother. Publicly, I want to thank my aunt for her unselfishness, sage advice, tough love, and the excellent Christian examples she exhibited. Because I have an uncanny resemblance to my aunt, I am often approached in public places inquiring whether I am her daughter. To avoid expending their time in an effort to explain the familial connection, my smile is usually enough to at least acknowledge the relationship. This Mother’s Day, it is my mother, the late Bernice G. Taylor and my aunt, Doris G. Madison that I thank God for as the special gifts given to me by God and who showed me what true Motherhood is.

I am sure our readers have similar stories of how special the mother in their life is. We therefore give tribute to all the beautiful, strong, loving, courageous, selfless mothers who have sacrificed much for their children and who continue to love as only a mother can.

Happy Mother’s Day

You Are Truly a Gift From God!

Next week: Continuation

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