Modeling God’s love during Valentine’s month and beyond! (Conclusion)

February 20, 2020

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
– John 13:34-35

Every February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated; however, it reaches its climax once the month of February is over. When it comes to God, God’s love has no end, is slow to anger, patient, forgiving and abounds in love. God’s love extends farther and deeper than we can see, feel, fully comprehend or measure. God’s amazing love sweeps all the way from eternity to the Cross and beyond! God’s love is a sacrificial love which holds nothing back, extending to the point of sacrificing God’s only begotten Son! Is there anything better than that?! As I conclude this series of articles, may you be inspired by these two additional examples this week to reach out to others by being a living example of God’s living love, not just during Valentine’s Month, but every day!

Show God’s love to someone/anyone/everyone. There are 29 days during the month of February in 2020. That gives us 29 days this month to begin a personal mission to show God’s love to someone/anyone and everyone. Jesus told the disciples that He was giving them a new commandment, that they love one another, even as Jesus has loved them, that you also love one another. Jesus said, showing this type of love will show everyone that they are Jesus’ disciples. (John 13:34-35.)

Where do you start? We have people in our communities who are suffering. Also, we often fail to recognize the people who are hurting, even in our own lives– a friend, family member, neighbor, coworker or classmate. Sometimes, all it takes is a look across the room, a look next door, or a look towards the person we run into every day on our way to work or school who may need love shown to them. There are always opportunities throughout our day to show God’s love. Make God’s love real in someone’s life by intentionally looking for ways to show love to others.

Pray for others. Nothing is more comforting to others than when someone offers to pray for them or with them. Prayer is actually the most valuable thing we can do for a person. Never underestimate the power of prayer! It’s Vital. Uplifting. Imperative. Essential. Critical and Crucial. When we pray, God hears. Don’t get hung up on how or the manner in which you pray for others. What’s important is that you pray for them.

Beloved, the love of God is greater than romantic or human love. Sometimes, love gets a bad reputation because of disappointments experienced in relationships (e.g. broken love, betrayed love, shattered love, etc.). If you can just hold on the reality that God’s love is higher than romantic/human love, you will be able to lean on and trust the steadfast, faithful, forgiving and constant love of God through any situation or disappointment. Those of you who have felt and experienced the profound breadth and depth of God’s love, mercy and grace can testify with me that in God we have found absolute and unreserved love and acceptance. If you are not doing so already, may this month’s article series move you to allow God’s love to flow out from you to others.

A Prayer for You:

Dear God, may we all rejoice in the kind of love that God has for us and allow God’s love to trigger us to reach out and share God’s love with others. Amen.

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