Kids Eat Right Month (Conclusion)

September 3, 2020

In celebration of Kids Eat Right Month, this entire month you have been encouraged to eat and cook healthier. Encouraging healthier meals does not have to sacrifice taste. The Mayo Clinic published an article outlining 5 tasty ways to tweak recipes for healthier eating. (1) Let’s look at a few:

1. Start fresh and stay positive. Nutrition experts often recommend starting with some new-to-you recipes to launch your healthy eating journey. But you’ll soon be savvy enough to transform favorite recipes into healthier versions too. Keep your mind open to experiencing new flavors. Enjoy the process as you experiment with fresh ingredients and create dishes that don’t rely on fat and salt for taste.

2. Reduce fats, sugars and salt, increase herbs and spices. Most of us consume too much saturated fat. But fat adds flavor, so scaling back fat alone is not the answer. Studies have found though, if you scale back and pump up flavor by adding herbs and spices, you can get the taste you crave. Build up your storage of herbs and spices, set the salt aside and you’ve got a solid formula for healthier, tastier eating.

3. Swap this for that. Learn some basic ingredient swaps and you’ll instantly up your healthy cooking quotient. Here are a few examples: • 1 egg = 2 egg whites • Garlic salt = garlic powder • Syrup = pureed fruit • Ground beef = extra lean beef, or ground chicken or ground turkey

4. Learn new cooking techniques. Eating a lot of fried foods has been associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Instead, learn to bake, grill, steam and roast. Also, it is suggested you preheat your sauté pan. Adding cold ingredients to a cold pan results in drier, less tasty food; starting with a hot pan allows you to seal in flavor.

5. Stock the right tools. If your recipe calls for sautéing vegetables in oil, using a good nonstick pan, you can usually sauté without added fat. Also, many top chefs steam fish, chicken or seafood atop a layer of aromatic herbs or vegetables for moist, flavorful results without adding fat. Beloved, the Mayo Clinic notes that when you are armed with new knowledge and a few essential techniques and tools, you’ll be able to tackle any recipe, and make it your way – the healthy delicious way.

Source: 1 Mayo Clinic Staff, 5 Tasty Ways to Tweak Recipes for Healthier Eating, April 2018.

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