August is Black Business Month – conclusion

September 2, 2021

In the conclusion of our salute to Black Business Month, we turn our attention Black-Owned Barber Shops and Salons. I am drawn to an article published by NBC News entitled: “Black Barber Shops and Salons: Safe Havens for Cultural Chats.” (1) In the article, it noted that barber shops and beauty salons aren’t just small businesses in the Black community; they are metaphorical street corners or town plazas. Customers visit both to get their hair styled or cut but also for the therapeutic experience: They chat with the stylist behind the chair about what’s going on in their lives, they hear about other regular customers, and they may even catch up on a little gossip.

Then the Shepherd Express wrote an article about “How Milwaukee Barber Shops Open Conversations for African American Men”, indicated: “These barber shops, like others in the city, hold onto a culture that has been rooted in the African American community for decades. Barber shops have been a gathering place for Black men, providing a safe place to talk and build self-esteem.” (2)

As our barber shops and beauty salons reopen, I want to highlight two shops and encourage you to support our Black-owned barber shops and beauty salons.

Nappy Roots Hair Salon & Barbershop

Nappy Roots is a business that specialize in all types of hairstyles and hair care for men and women and children. From the latest hair styles for men, hair extensions, and sew-ins, Nappy Roots indicate they are all that plus dreadlocks, perms, relaxers and color services. Visit them at 4730 West Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the Roosevelt Grove neighborhood. Visit Nappy Roots on Facebook for more information on hours.

King’s Barber & Beauty Shop

King’s provides men’s services such as haircut, shave and facial/black mask services. Services for kids include haircut and freehand designs. Women’s services include shampoo and trim, eyebrow arching, facial services. Kings Barber & Beauty Shop is located at 9226A West Burleigh Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53222 (on the Northwest corner of 92nd & Burleigh). Visit King’s at their website at: or on their Facebook page.

Beloved, the pandemic hit barber shops and beauty salons hard. Now that the restrictions are being lifted, barber shops and beauty salon are reopening. Good news is the perm, twists, cuts, weaves, sew-ins, dyes, extensions, braiding, locs, shaving, waxing, eye-brow arching, and many services are slowly returning!

We salute all of our Black-owned business entrepreneurs! I leave you with the words from Darell Austin, Jr., Founder of Bluurp, dedicated to entrepreneurs:

Believe In Yourself
“When You Believe In Yourself, Your Community Will Invest In You.”


1 Gaines, Patricia, NBC News, “Black Barber Shops and Salons: Safe Haven for Cultural Chats”, April 29, 2020.

2 Bloodgood, Erin, Shepherd Express, “How Milwaukee Barber Shops Open Conversations for African American Men”, June 18, 2019) Read the full article at:

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