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Study: Cinnamon may slow progression of Parkinson’s disease

August 14, 2014

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, researchers at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center found that ground cinnamon eaten by mice with Parkinson’s improved their motor functions, stopped the loss of Parkin and DJ-1 and normalized neurotransmitter levels. When eaten, the liver converts cinnamon into the chemical sodium benzoate, an… [Read More]

Ask questions and consider options for home care

August 14, 2014

There are several options when trying to find in-home help to care for your older adult. The key is to find reliable help that you and your older adult feel comfortable with and meets the specific care needs. “Home care” is defined by the type of care needed – homemaking, hands-on personal care (i.e. bathing,… [Read More]

City of Milwaukee Health Department announces dates and locations for Annual Back-to-School Health Fairs

August 14, 2014

With school season already around the corner, Mayor Tom Barrett and the City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) have announced the dates and locations of the City’s 14th annual Back-to-School Health Fairs. The health fairs will be held Friday, Aug. 8, at North Division High School (1011 W. Center St.) and Friday, Aug. 15, at… [Read More]

Unhappy hour: Signs you’re overdoing the alcohol

August 14, 2014

What’s a few drinks with co-workers or friends while you’re networking or enjoying a party? In the moment, nothing but casual fun (and maybe some extra liquid courage), but if this is your weekly routine the affects may hang around longer than your buzz. At some point, the drinks will catch up to you and… [Read More]

Family history of under treatment may discourage blacks from seeking mental health care

August 14, 2014

Underuse of effective treatments for mental health disorders is more pronounced among African Americans than non-Hispanic whites. A new study attempting to explain this health disparity in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior finds that blacks with a family history of untreated mental health disorders are less likely to seek treatment, even when they… [Read More]

How to eat after a type 2 diabetes diagnosis You don’t have to ditch all your favorite foods

August 14, 2014

Bill Boan loved it all: apple pie with French vanilla ice cream, a cup of syrup with his pancakes, sweet tea twice a day with 5 to 6 tablespoons of sugar a pop. But when the 79-year-old was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago, he immediately lost his sweet tooth. Now he starts his day… [Read More]

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin community services hosts ribbon tie for foster care event

August 14, 2014

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services hosted its fifth Ribbon Tie for Foster Care on Wednesday, August 6, 2014, at The Shops of Grand Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. This year the event has expanded to the Children’s Hospital Community Services office in West Allis. Volunteers from area businesses and members of the community gathered to… [Read More]

Five health self-checks every man should do (part 1) Signs of poor health can hide in some pretty unexpected places. Here’s where to look.

August 14, 2014

A lot can happen between visits to the doctor—especially since more than half of men skip out on their annual physical examinations, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. “You can feel great, but still have killer numbers,” says Bruce B. Campbell, MD, a men’s health specialist at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts…. [Read More]

Top 10 men’s health issues Regular exercise is key to preventing many chronic illnesses

August 14, 2014

Certain health principles are universal–human biology works a certain way–but men and women have different health risks, especially as they age. Men are more likely than women to skip doctor’s visits and wellness checkups, but prevention goes a long way toward reducing your risk of the top 10 health risks for men. Heart disease Heart… [Read More]

Ten affordable last-minute summer vacations (part 1 of 2)

August 13, 2014

By Robert Firpo-Cappiello The shadows are slightly longer. The evenings are a little cooler. The crickets are starting to chirp their rendition of “September Song.” Too late to plan a summer vacation, right? Nope. You’ve got an entire month of summer left and we want you to take it to the limit. With that in… [Read More]