• MHSI hosts ‘A Crucial Catch Day – Screening Saves Lives’ event

    November 11, 2016


    Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. (MHSI) hosted “A Crucial
    Catch Day – Screening Saves Lives.” The community event was
    an opportunity to help women reduce their risk for breast cancer
    by providing education, outreach, navigation and access to cancer
    screening resources. The event was held on October 25, 2016 at
    Isaac Coggs Heritage Health Center, 8200 W Silver Spring Dr.,
    and was made possible through the American Cancer Society’s
    Community Health Advocates implementing Nationwide Grants
    for Empowerment and Equity (CHANGE), funded by the National
    Football League. Pictured at the event are (front row, from left)
    MHSI Chief Medical Officer Aronica Williams; MHSI Corporate
    Communications Specialist Pam Clark; MHSI CEO Dr. Tito Izard;
    American Cancer Society health systems manager Jennifer
    Washington-McMurray; (back row, from left) former NFL Green
    Bay Packers George Koonce and Gilbert Brown; and former NFL
    Pittsburgh Steeler John Clay.

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