• Disturbing car theft trend on south side – motorists beware

    July 16, 2015

    On Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Alderman Bob Donovan (8th district) released a statement warning citizens to be wary of a spike in car jacking on Milwaukee’s south side:

    Alderman Bob Donovan

    Alderman Bob Donovan

    There have been multiple car theft incidents on the south side during the past few days that have caught my full attention.
    I have received reports that the thieves are initiating contacts with targeted, occupied vehicles, usually bumping into the vehicle from behind and waiting for the driver to exit to survey the damage. In some cases, it appears the thieves are throwing heavy objects such as rocks to get targeted vehicles to stop.
    Once the driver exits the vehicle, the criminals then rob them of their keys – in most cases using force and physically assaulting the victim. The thieves then take off with the vehicle and leave the victims at the scene.
    I urge all motorists to be aware of this carjacking technique, and if you suspect you are being victimized or are about to be victimized, call 9-1-1 immediately. As always, your safety and your life are more important than your car – please do not resist if you are threatened. Call police immediately if you are victimized by these crooks.
    If you have any information that might help solve these cases, I urge you to please call Milwaukee police as soon as possible and provide any information or details you may have.

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