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Acting mayor focuses city address on violence in Milwaukee

February 10, 2022

Common Council President and Acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson delivered his State of the City address Monday, Febuary 7, 2022. “For two consecutive years, Milwaukee has endured homicide statistics we have never seen before,” he said. Johnson used the speech to talk about the rise in violent crime. He said public safety is Milwaukee’s greatest… [Read More]

2021 victims of violence honored in annual candlelight vigil

January 13, 2022

On Thursday, December 30, 2021 MICAH, Pastors United, Northcott Neighborhood House and Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church closed out 2021 with their annual “Homicide Candlelight Vigil,” at Ephesians M.B.C., 2412 N. 6th St. The event honored the more than 200 homicide victims in Milwaukee this past year. Community and religious leaders took lit candles and took… [Read More]

COVID-19 isolation linked to increased domestic violence, researchers suggest

September 30, 2021

While COVID-19-related lockdowns may have decreased the spread of a deadly virus, they appear to have created an ideal environment for increased domestic violence. Extra stress in the COVID-19 pandemic caused by income loss, and lack of ability to pay for housing and food has exacerbated the often silent epidemic of intimate partner violence, suggests… [Read More]

An unquenchable thirst for violence?

August 19, 2021

By Jacquelyn D. Heath Special to The Milwaukee Times Consider the following incidents making the news recently in the span of two days. • A man is convicted of killing his two children and their mother. • A two-year-old child is shot and killed after he and his older brothers found their father’s gun and… [Read More]

Aisha Tyler: How gamers can help stop sexual violence

April 29, 2013

By Elizabeth Plank When Aisha Tyler isn’t busy being a talented actress (i.e. the voice of Lana Kane in FX’s animated comedy Archer), a brilliant comedian, a successful author, and a fabulous talk show host, she enjoys being a social justice crusader. As an avid activist, she’s supported a range of causes, from gay marriage… [Read More]

Bro. Muhammad: ‘Respect our women’

April 22, 2013

Special to the Milwaukee Times We’ve all read about it, seen it on the news: the tragic, heartbreaking end to domestic abuse or any other type of violence against women. No one demographic, race, educational level, financial status or otherwise is exempt from this type of violence. After these events occur, some may think to… [Read More]

The Milwaukee Times Writers Gallery

April 12, 2013

Milwaukee Times is teaming up with Lindsay Heights “Youth SPEAK Out”, a Boys & Girls Clubs program, to showcase some of the talented young writers from Shalom High School and The Boys & Girls Club to learn their views on some of today’s hot topics. What are your plans after high school? My plans after… [Read More]