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Mayor Barrett nominates Dana World-Patterson as a Fire and Police Commissioner

November 11, 2021

Mayor Tom Barrett is nominating Dana World-Patterson, a prominent advocate for the victims of human trafficking, to serve on the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission. World-Patterson is the founder and chief executive of Foundations for Freedom, Inc., a local organization that works to prevent human trafficking and support women and girls who have been trafficked…. [Read More]

Police Chief Alfonso Morales demoted to Captain

August 13, 2020

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales has been demoted to captain, his rank before becoming chief. The Fire & Police Commission voted unanimously to make the move after many members expressed their disappointment in Morales. The commission had given 11 directives to Morales on July 20th. ‘”His conduct is unbecoming, filled with ethical lapses and flawed… [Read More]

Mayor Barrett nominates new executive director of the Fire and Police Commission

May 10, 2018

Mayor Tom Barrett nominated LaKeisha Butler to the position of executive director of the Fire and Police Commission on April 23, 2018. Her nomination requires approval by the Milwaukee Common Council. At press time, it was unknown if the council had considered her nomination during its meeting on May 8. Butler currently serves as the… [Read More]

Double-take on Fire and Police Commission nominee

March 28, 2013

The controversy and delay in the appointment of Ann Wilson to the Fire and Police Commission (FPC) was “due to the Common Council injecting politics into the Fire and Police Commission, and we try to avoid that,” FPC FPC executive director Michael Tobin said. Historically, for mayoral appointments the Common Council has always had the… [Read More]