Put on a smiley face ☺ (conclusion)

October 29, 2020

Source: “Smiley Face with Smiling Eyes” by Apple.com

I shared at the beginning of this series that in February of this year, I was asked to appear in a commercial spot on WVTV Channel 18/My 24 as a marketing promo for the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper. A friend texted me by the time I arrived at the studio with a comforting word of encouragement. His word of encouragement came in one word: “smile.” That text indeed put a smile on my face and has been the inspiration for this month’s series. In celebration of World Smile Day observed the first Friday in October, this month I have tied smiling to acts of kindness and spreading goodwill. In the series conclusion, the World Smile Day Foundation suggests doing an act of kindness by putting a smile on someone’s face with these suggestions:


• Organize your classmates or students to focus on this day through activities and community-minded events.
• Recognize students who do kind acts with a smiley face sticker or button.
• Deliver smile certificates to students this month.


• Organize and target a local school, nursing home, hospital, community group, etc., for smiles and good deeds.

Group/Individual Events

• Send smile cards/ecards
• Prepare meals for the homeless

Beloved, I have been on both sides of the goodwill and kindness street. When my daughter arrived in Chicago during the first week of her freshman year, she took a train for the first time to explore Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Upon disembarking, she realized she had left her wallet on the train. The Chicago Transit Authority allowed her on the next train back to campus after she sobbingly shared her story. While we frantically worked to get Student ID’s reported and replaced and her ATM and other credit cards cancelled; 2 days later her wallet arrived in my mailbox in Wisconsin. Someone had found her wallet on the train and mailed it to the address on her driver’s license. The note simply said, “I hope this puts a smile on your face.” There was no return address and all of the contents in her wallet were intact. We both cried in gratefulness to God and for the kindness and goodwill shown by this stranger. This past December, I was able to reciprocate that kindness. In Nashville, someone lost their wallet at the hotel and I was in possession of it. She was visiting Nashville as I was and I could only imagine her desperation. The next day, I waited in the lobby determined to stay there until I recognized the woman from her driver’s license photo. Fortunately, she returned retracing her steps. When I handed her the wallet, I said to her: “I hope this puts a smile on your face” and I shared the story of my daughter. That moment was heartwarming and brought tears to both of our eyes and we gave each other a hug.

Sharing a smile, giving and sharing kindness and goodwill are all gifts to be shared and is something we all can do. I hope this series has inspired you to smile and be open to sharing kindness and spreading goodwill to others. You will be surprised by the difference you will make in someone’s life!

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