The Honorable Elder Ricky Price, Sr. – 35th Annual Black Excellence Awards Honoree


The Honorable Elder Ricky Price, Sr.
Motivational Speaker & Writer

In addition to spending countless hours of volunteerism doing community service, Elder Ricky Price, Sr., is a motivational speaker and writer. This dedicated man of God currently serves as the chaplain for the Milwaukee Frontiers, works diligently with the Milwaukee Seventh District Police Auxiliary and is one of the organizers of the United Fellowship Basketball League.

Born and raised in Jackson, Tennessee, Rickey’s single mother moved him and his siblings to Milwaukee in 1970. Once settled here, he attended and graduated from Riverside High School in 1976, and accepted a call into ministry in 1999. Ricky earned a bachelor’s degree in urban ministry from the Milwaukee Theological Institute and, for a short time, lived in Atlanta, Georgia before returning to Milwaukee. In 2015, he was presented with a certification for specialized training in Advance Domestic Violence, Christian counseling, Law Enforcement, Fire Personnel, Line of Duty, and Death Advance Crime Scene for the Chaplain. He received a master of chaplaincy as a Lieutenant Colonel from the International Police and Fire Chaplain Association and Bible College, and in 2017, was promoted to colonel.

After working many years under the spiritual leadership of his mother, the late pastor Ada Price, founder of The Power House of Deliverance Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., Ricky became a member of the ministerial staff of Mt. Zion Assembly of the Apostolic Faith Church, where Pastor District Elder Monica Price is Senior Pastor. He also serves as the Superintendent of the Senior Division of the Christian Education Department.

“My mother was my example. Growing up in Tennessee, she picked cotton to support us. She was a strong, dedicated woman of God who became one of the first female pastors in Milwaukee. She raised ten children by herself and she taught us how to give and show respect to others. I give credit to God and to my mother for instilling in me the importance of giving back to others,” he said.

Married to Dr. Monica Parchia Price, the Prices have five children. He credits his wife for being very supportive not only in family matters, but in his ministry as well.

“Family is everything to me. In 1991, I organized a citywide appreciation for Bishop Dr. Earl Parchia’s son who passed away with testicular cancer. It was a memorable and honorable event that gave me the confidence to know that bringing together people from all walks of life is one of my gifts. Asmya father-in-law, Bishop Parchia was a great mentor. I framed a letter that he wrote me that was unbelievable. It hangs in my office today. By watching him over the years, I became adept at organizing and bringing large groups of people together, from various ethnicities and walks of life, for all kinds of gatherings,” he said.

Ricky is also the founder and president of the ‘Weekend With The Teamsters’, where he trains, equips and empowers America’s future leaders. This year will be his 10th year of hosting this event, where he reminds people that everyone is put on this earth with incredible potential and a divine destiny.

Even while Ricky is busy juggling community and church events, he has had to overcome his own personal challenges and losses.

“I’ve have suffered some devastating losses in the last two years. My nephew was killed at work, and my brother and sister-in-law passed away within 18 months of each other. My brother was only 68, my nephew was 35 years old, and my sister-in-law was 75. They all passed within a short time frame. I understand the Word of God and that time heals, so I hold onto that. We will recover. I have many of my favorite scriptures hanging on the wall in my office to remind me, strengthen and help me through life’s challenges,” he said.

Ricky doesn’t want much in return for the sacrifices he makes on behalf of others and his community.

“I just want people to say that I was a good man. That’s it. I was a good man and I tried to help everyone that I could,” he said.