Editorials and Opinions

Op-Ed: The power of positive community action

August 31, 2018

By: Jacquelyn D. Heath Special to the Milwaukee Times As summer winds down in Milwaukee, attention turns from enjoying all that comes with this famously fabulous (albeit short) season to preparing for change, new beginnings, and fresh starts. A major change looming before many households in some way these days is the start of a… [Read More]

Op-Ed: Now is the time for a shared, inclusive vision for Greater Downtown Milwaukee

August 23, 2018

Milwaukee is experiencing once-in-a-generation development. New buildings, new jobs and new opportunities are moving our city forward in ways that are unprecedented and exciting. Talented people are moving to Milwaukee, drawn by the city’s development, excited by its evolving skyline. They’ll tell you, as will people born and raised here, that it’s a great time… [Read More]

Childhoods ended by guns

August 10, 2018

Child Watch By: Marian Wright Edelman President of the Children’s Defense Fund On July 16, 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson was shot and killed in front of her Washington, DC home trying to buy ice cream. Makiyah was a rising fifth grader who loved basketball, football, art, and puzzles. She had just opened her front door on… [Read More]

Why I deserve your vote to be the next Sheriff of Milwaukee County

August 10, 2018

By Earnell Lucas We need a new vision for public safety in our county. For the past sixteen years, we have witnessed a failed model of leadership in our Sheriff ’s Office, one that places the self-interest of individual politicians above the best interests of the people. Meanwhile, patrols have been cut from our highways… [Read More]

The casualties of assimilation

August 2, 2018

Being Frank By: Frank James Special to the Milwaukee Times There are certain talents that are unique to various races. In a perfect society these talents would be fostered to ensure success of everyone. In US society this is only partially true. The talents of those who have Caucasian backgrounds are fostered and celebrated. The… [Read More]

A call for celebration

July 12, 2018

Being Frank By: Frank James Special to the Milwaukee Times The Fourth of July has passed. The leftover ribs and potato salad are gone. The new outfits have been worn and are in the laundry. The fireworks are a forgotten memory and the drudge of everyday life has taken over again. For 242 years African… [Read More]

Super foolishness

June 7, 2018

Being Frank By: Frank James Special to the Milwaukee Times There is a saying, “One step forward, three back.” It seems as if the African American community is about to do this very thing. The bizarre part about African Americans doing this is that they have done it before over the same issue. The issue… [Read More]

The Milwaukee Urban League’s open letter to the community on recent police incidents

May 31, 2018

“It is only through intentionality and togetherness that we can begin to change the narrative in our city, county, and state. I am saddened and frustrated by the divisive rhetoric and racial climate that seems to be getting worse as of late. Epidemic numbers of racial minorities are being unjustly scrutinized, brutalized and even killed… [Read More]

A message from the The Milwaukee Times family

May 3, 2018

In 1981, Nathan Conyers helped found what would become The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper, an accomplishment which would not have been possible without the loyalty and ongoing support of the African American community in Milwaukee. Nathan was fiercely proud of the Times’ devoted readers and worked tirelessly to provide informative and positive news, photos, accurate… [Read More]

A graduation message for 2018

April 19, 2018

Being Frank By: Frank James Special to the Milwaukee Times The end of a journey is upon many students in the USA. High schools around the country will be releasing graduating seniors upon society. The future Presidents and CEO’s will be taking their first steps toward greatness. This is the dream many parents want to… [Read More]