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How not to appear ‘presidential’

September 20, 2012

During World War II, a popular phrase was coined: “Loose lips sink ships.” It was a reminder to all Americans to assist the war effort by avoiding careless talk about any issues regarding national security. It’s customary that when the United States’ national security is threatened, there are no liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans…. [Read More]

President Obama vs. Mitt Romney – tax avoidance or tax planning

September 20, 2012

Are you at the table or on the menu? While it is certainly not illegal or even wrong for the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife to use sophisticated estate planning techniques to minimize taxes to retain and amass tremendous wealth, it is an indication of his perspective. It has been broadly reported… [Read More]

Kenosha casino analysis needs to include impact on Milwaukee

September 20, 2012

The Milwaukee Urban League and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently submitted a letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) asking for a thorough analysis of the impacts a proposed off-reservation casino in Kenosha, Wisconsin will have on Milwaukee and its minority communities – and rightfully so. It is obvious that this proposed project… [Read More]