• Advertising


    Retail advertising rates apply to a retail business, organization
    or association doing business in Southeastern Wisconsin.
    Position requests will be honored as makeup permits. No
    section or page position can be guaranteed unless advertiser
    agrees to pay a 30% premium above cost for placement of said
    advertisement. No orders accepted on a position-or-omit basis.
    Adjustment of errors will be made only for area of ad involved
    and in proportion to lack of service to the advertiser. Advertising
    placed on a no-proof basis is done at the advertiser’s
    risk. Any claim for adjustment must be made within 14 days
    of publication.
    No advertising that reflects negatively upon another advertiser
    will be accepted.
    All advertising is accepted, subject to the approval of the
    Publisher or Director of Advertising.
    The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the newspaper
    harmless for any claims stemming from the publication of copy
    submitted by the advertiser. This includes, but is not limited
    to, claims for libel, invasion of privacy, plagiarism, copyright
    infringement and trademark infringement. The newspaper
    will not be liable for failure to publish any advertisement.
    Rates can be revised within 30 days written notice.


    • We have the largest circulation among minority-owned
    newspapers in Milwaukee reaching into the African American
    church community.
    • We are the only minority-owned Blue Chip community
    newspaper in Wisconsin.
    • We have a loyal readership that responds to advertisers
    with dollars.
    • We offer balanced coverage of local, regional, national and
    international news and features every week.
    • We sponsor one of Milwaukee’s largest community recognition
    and scholarship programs.
    • We publish several focus issues annually that highlight
    positive aspects of life in the African American community.
    • Our target audience is professional; male and female; college-
    educated; upwardly mobile, and influential.
    • Our publication offers a reader-friendly format with articles
    sectioned by interest – including news and editorials, arts &
    entertainment, education, travel and leisure, health & fitness,
    personal and business finance, food, religion & spirituality,
    and sports.
    • We include original content written by local contributors
    – “Counseling Corner,” “Being Frank,” “Bookworm Sez;” as
    well as op-ed pieces on hot topics of interest and exclusive
    interviews with local and national newsmakers.
    • We offer marketing packages with rates to meet any promotional
    budget and objective.