• Want to burn calories and reduce risk of heart disease? Stand up!

    August 18, 2014

    man-typing-while-standingWe spend most of our day sitting. We sit during the train, bus or car ride to work. We spend most of the day at work sitting at a desk. We then sit on the train, bus or car ride home. Once we get home, we do more sitting. Excessive sitting has been associated with:
    • Increase risk of heart disease, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine
    • Back pain due to constant pressure on vertebral disks
    • Hip, neck and shoulder pain due to poor posture while sitting
    • Weight gain and obesity
    One of the best ways to counter the health risks that come with excessive sitting? Do the opposite. Stand up. Standing can:
    • Burn 20-25 percent more calories versus sitting
    • Distribute your body weight over a variety of body structures ( muscles, tendons, joints, etc.) to avoid excess pressure on vertebral disks
    • Improve posture
    • Assist in reducing risk of heart disease and other chronic health problems
    Here are some healthy ways to reduce excessive sitting:
    • Set your cell phone to chime every hour as a reminder to stand up for a few minutes
    • Stand up during telephone conversations and conference calls
    • Stand up during part of your train or bus ride to and from work.
    Simply standing more puts you one step closer to optimal health.