• Anonymous benefactor donates rackets to Bay View girls’ tennis team

    October 10, 2013

    In the Milwaukee Publicbayviewdonation
    Schools, Rufus King has
    had the championship girls’
    tennis team for many years,
    winning the city championship
    every year since before
    many of the current players
    were even born. They were
    the subject of a feature in
    the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    last month, earning welldeserved
    Because Bay View English
    teacher Michael Schinner
    coached the last team to beat
    King, in 1996, he was also
    quoted in the story, talking
    about how King’s program
    compared to the teams he
    fields at Bay View:
    “I appreciate that they are
    the first ones to acknowledge
    that they are playing
    with a stacked deck when it
    comes to competing in the
    City Conference,” Bay View
    coach Mike Schinner said.
    “It has been a number of
    years since I have coached
    a tennis player at Bay View
    who owned her own tennis
    racquet. It is a bit intimidating
    when the King girls pull
    out a $180 Babolat racquet
    out of their Babolat tennis
    bag that they own and my
    Bay View player is playing
    with a beat up racquet that
    her coach takes out of his
    car’s trunk.
    “They also don’t deal with
    the high student turnover
    that other city schools deal
    with. They often have the
    luxury of working with their
    athletes for four years. It is
    rare that I coach a girl for
    two years. The girl who was
    my No. 1 singles player and
    team captain last year, and
    I was counting on this year,
    moved to Atlanta last spring.
    That is tough for me to overcome,
    but even if that happens
    at King they have other
    capable experienced players
    to replace a girl who transfers;
    most of the other city
    schools do not.”
    A few days after that story
    appeared, though, Mr. Schinner
    was called down to the
    front door of the school,
    where he was presented with
    a box–a box of four highquality
    Babolat tennis racquets
    in Babolat tennis bags.
    It turns out an anonymous
    donor–reports say it was
    a woman, but she did not
    leave her name–had read the
    story of King’s tennis team
    and had been moved by Mr.
    Schinner’s description of the
    challenges he faces as a tennis
    coach at Bay View. There
    was a card inside the box,
    which read in part,
    Dear Mike,
    I read the Sept. 25 Milwaukee
    J.S. article where you were quoted.
    It brought a lump to my throat.
    I hope you can find some players
    who can use these racquets. They
    are used but in pretty good condition.
    … Good luck on the courts!
    Mr. Schinner was stunned
    to find the gift. “We no longer
    go into battle outgunned
    and under-equipped,” Mr.
    Schinner says. “My players
    would never have the opportunity
    to use a racquet of this
    quality without this generous