• Avoiding a wrong turn

    March 28, 2013 Leave a Comment
    Mayor Tom Barrett

    Mayor Tom Barrett

    Last week Governor Walker said, “I’d focus on things that improve the quality of life in the city of Milwaukee. I’d spend my time and resources on economic development projects that put people to work instead of a streetcar that will affect a handful of people on the upper east side of Milwaukee.” That’s in sharp contrast to what Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said in his State of the City address. “So many people will benefit from the streetcar. Employers, employees, residents, business owners and visitors alike will be able to take advantage of this new, modern way to get around Milwaukee.” State and local government have different views on the proposed streetcar but many in the African American community share similar views as Governor Walker. Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Milwaukee) said, “While the economic impact of improving transit in Milwaukee is undeniable, two miles of street car in Milwaukee’s central business district won’t directly benefi t neighboring communities with large African American populations.” Alderman Nik Kovac (3rd District) challenges Gov. Walker’s statement by adding, “We have to start somewhere – and that’s in the densest part of town for jobs and people, and if we don’t start somewhere, we’ll never get anywhere. Ultimately, the streetcar will help everyone who rides public transit; think of this as the spine of the bus system.”

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